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handwashing sink portable

TuffWash 440D 

  • 2 x 14 Ga Stainless Steel sink for durability 

  • Touchless water dispensing

  • Aluminum Vanity units

  • Two sinks for busy jobsites

  • Fold-down screen to protect users

  • Fixed 30Ga water tanks, secured for safety

  • Easy-Fill water reservoir

  • Easy-empty grey water tank

  • Load rated steel lifting eyes

  • Stacks and nests for easy storage and shipping

  • 110V Instant water heater

  • Power sockets for water heater and optional winter heater

  • Optional hose hookup to eliminate running out of water 

Portable handwashing station
Portable handwashing station
Portable handwashing station

Safety and health are two of the main priorities of construction sites and this requires a sanitary work environment. That being said, it is very important to provide construction workers with hand washing stations. Construction work can be messy at times, and having somewhere to clean up is important.


The TuffWash 440D (double) is perfect for busier construction zones because it offers plenty of space and double the sinks to accommodate more than one person at a time. It contains two 14ga stainless steel sinks that have touchless water dispensing, making clean up a breeze.


Since construction sites are temporary, a portable handwashing station is exactly what you need to keep everything sanitary. With load rated steel lifting eyes, it makes transportation a cinch. Just lock, load, and lift. They are also able to stack and nest with the standard TuffWash 440, as well as other TuffWash 440D units, making them easily stored and moved.


No power is required unless you go for the optional water heater feature and there is an optional hose hook up so that you won’t run out of water. However, if you don’t have a hook up, it holds up to 30 gallons (which is 440 hand washes). Both sinks are hands-free and operated by a foot pump. The reservoir is easy to refill so you won’t ever have to worry about not having water if there is nowhere to hook the hose up to.


In between the two sinks is a fold down screen to protect users in case of an emergency, as chemicals and water may splatter. Not only are there power sockets for the water heater, but also for an optional winter heater for the especially cold months, ensuring that your water does not freeze. Winterization can be important in certain areas during specific times of the year, and the TuffWash 440D makes sure you are covered.


The base is made of very durable steel and the structure is made of aluminum, ensuring that the sinks are highly resilient for being transported between construction sites. Equipped with an easy-empty grey water tank, a soap holder, and a towel dispenser, this model is exactly what you need for busy construction sites to ensure the safety and wellness of everyone around. You can also customize the color and the branding to make it fit in with your company’s theme. The TuffWash 440D is an excellent option if you work on large construction sites that see a lot of people every day.

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