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TUFFWASH 440 Series


The TuffWash 440 Series is one of TuffCo’s best portable hand wash stations for many reasons. It has a 14ga stainless steel sink which is extremely durable for any condition, making it the ideal hand washing station for construction sites. Not only can it be moved from site to site, but it also won’t be damaged when being transported.


DIMENSIONS: 41"(W) x 38"(D) x 47.5"(H)



  • ​14 Ga Stainless Steel sink for durability 

  • Touchless water dispensing

  • Aluminum Vanity unit

  • Fixed 30Ga water tanks, secured for safety

  • Easy-Fill water reservoir

  • Easy-empty grey water tank

  • Load rated steel lifting eyes

  • Optional hose hookup to eliminate running out of water 

  • 110V Instant water heater

  • Power sockets for water heater and optional winter heater


So what makes this hand wash station so special?

Well, besides the fact that it is extremely durable, includes touchless water dispensing. Anyone who works in construction knows just how messy it can be at times, and touching a sink is the last thing you want to do because that involves even more cleaning afterward. So, the touchless water dispenser is key to keeping things clean and mess free.


What’s more?

There is also a 30 gallon fixed water tank that is secured for everyone’s safety. This tank holds enough for up to 440 washes. The reservoir is easy to fill, making refills no issue at all. There is also an easy hose hook up so that you don’t have to worry about running out of water at all. It is fully loaded with an easy-to-empty grey water tank, soap holder, and towel dispenser, as well as a space for a waste bin.


There is an optional 110V water heater available and optional power sockets for the water heater and optional winter heater for extreme cold weather. When working in cold climates, “winterization” is always a great option to ensure that the water doesn’t freeze up and you are left without a hand washing station.


With load rating steel lifting eyes, transportation is simple and safe so you don’t have to worry about moving from site to site. The TuffWash 440 Series is an excellent option for any construction site as it is durable, portable, and efficient. Don’t let your construction team go without a hand washing station that is just as hard working and durable as they are. The TuffWash 440 Series will get the job done.

Other Options Available:

There are several options that could be a perfect fit for your site. 

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