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Construction sites are always in need of a place to wash up. In case of an accident or an emergency, or even just for health and sanitation purposes, having a portable hand washing station at a construction site is important to the safety and wellbeing of the workers.


There are several options that could be a perfect fit for your site. Here are a few of them:

Tuffwash portable handwashing station

TuffWash 20 Deluxe Mobile

The TuffWash 20 Deluxe mobile hand washing station comes equipped with a no-hands water dispenser (it’s foot operated) to ensure no mess and ease of use. There is absolutely no power required, meaning that it is easy to use in any construction site. That is, of course, unless you choose to go with the optional water heater.. This hand washing station is a bit smaller and holds enough water for up to 80 washes, making it perfect for smaller areas and shorter projects.

The durable aluminum structure means a long life and the stainless steel sink upholds that as well. There is also an optional hose hook up to eliminate the possibility of running out of water. The TuffWash 20 Deluxe Mobile can optimize your sanitary needs at your job site and provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Tuffwash portable handwashing sink
Tuffwash portable handwashing station
Portable handwashing station red

Customize color and branding!

Winterproof Kit - Insulated blanket and ambient heater

portable jobsite safety station

TuffWash 20 Mobile 

This is a smaller hand washing station that is completely mobile and 100% designed with construction sites in mind. There is absolutely no power required and it can be easily wheeled around from place to place, ensuring that everyone can have access.

The tank holds enough water for 80 washes and the durable steel frame ensures longevity in the harsh construction world. It includes an easy-empty grey water tank, soap dispenser, and towel dispenser (dependent upon availability).

Portable handwashing station winterproof
Portable handwashing station winterproof
Portable handwashing station winterproof
portable hand washing station

TuffWash 20 Stationary

This foot-powered hand washing station is perfect for longer products. It was designed with construction in mind, specifically with its durability. It doesn’t require any power unless you opt for the water heater. It holds enough water for 80 washes and is made from a durable steel frame and aluminum accents and shields.

This model is equipped with an easy-empty grey water tank, soap holder, and a towel dispenser and is perfect for your construction hand wash station. While not as easily mobile, it can still be transported from site to site, but typically stays put at a site, making it easier for workers to find it in case of emergencies. The TuffWash 20 Stationary is a great option for any longer projects that you may have.

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