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If your construction work goes through the heat of summer and brutal cold of winter, then you are in need of a Tuff Hut. This completely versatile hut is fully winterproof and configurable to meet our every need. These huts are exactly what your jobsite needs to give your workers a place to go to take a break, wash up, warm up, or cool down. 

Common uses:

  • A Hand Wash Station

  • A Security Hut

  • A Site Shower

  • A Site Toilet

  • A First Aid Post 

Whatever your construction site needs, the hut can contribute. It is durable and easily adapted to make it exactly what your job site needs. Also, you can place several around your site in order to ensure that you have enough space for everyone. The Tuff Hut is great for any construction site and extremely versatile, leaving it up to you for what you use it for.


DIMENSIONS: 48"(W) x 72"(D) x 96"(H)

WEIGHT: 400lbs



  • Safe and Secure 

  • Warm and Dry 

  • Professional Company Image

  • Forklift slots

  • Insulated

  • Interior Lighting 

  • 110 Power socket

  • Load Rated for use with Cranes

  • Durable steel and aluminum construction

  • Powder Coated

  • Custom Colors and branding available

  • Capacity 1-2 Person


Extra Feature Options Available!

  • Rubber Matting

  • Air Conditioner

  • Heater

  • Exterior Lighting

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • First Aid Kit

  • C/O Detector

  • Fire Detector

  • Window Screens

  • Remove windows


So what makes this hut so special?

The Tuff Hut has several distinct features such as the fact that it is safe and secure. If you need night time security at your construction site because of equipment being left, then this can serve as the security hut. It is warm and dry. During the winter months, construction work can be brutal.

Climb in and warm up! It holds a professional company image. It does not stick out, but looks sophisticated and goes along with any company look.


What’s more?

The Tuff Hut includes forklift slots for easy placement. It is well insulated keeping the warm in and cold out, or vice versa depending on the season. It comes with interior lighting and 110 power socket for easy connectivity and visibility.


The durable steel makes it resilient and the custom colors and branding available make it customizable and allow you to market your brand at all times. It does not take up too much room and weights 300 pounds so it can be moved around if needed. The capacity is 1-2 people so it is perfect for a small break room.

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