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Tuffhut Washstation - fully winterproof 

Handwash Station  

  • Stainless Steel Sink

  • Water Heater (optional)

  • Ambient Heater

  • Fully insulated

  • 35 gallon reservoirs (440 handwashes)

  • Easy fill / empty water tanks

  • Gravity fed faucet

  • Shore Power with breaker panel and 15 amp fuses (optional)

  • Extremely Durable steel and aluminum construction

  • Forklift slots

  • Interior Lighting 

  • 110 Power socket

  • Load Rated for use with Cranes

  • Powder Coated

  • Custom Colors and branding available

  • 4' x 6' x 8' Frame

  • Weight 400lbs


  • Air Conditioner

  • Rubber Matting

  • Exterior Lighting (only available with Shore Power option) 

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • First Aid Kit

  •  C/O Detector

  • Fire Detector

  • Window Screens

  • Remove windows

Jobsite Offices welfare units

When working on a construction site, people can get tired, need a break, and want to wash up. Providing a private and comfortable place for them to do that is imperative to the wellbeing of the team. Ensuring that everyone can have access to welfare units, including wash stations, is a crucial part of creating a work environment conducive to success and productivity.


Creating jobsite solutions is what TuffCo does best. That is why they have come up with the TuffHut Wash Station. This is a completely portable handwash station that can travel from site to site with your team, ensuring that they always have a place to wash up and get clean. Sometimes construction work can be messy. That is why it is important to provide a space where workers can clean and sanitize, and giving them a private space that is also fully winterproof is a great way to keep momentum going during the work day.


Temperatures can plummet during winter months. Because of that, no one wants to wash up outside in the midst of the freezing cold temperatures. The TuffHut Wash Station provides an enclosed space where workers can go to warm up and clean off. Including an ambient heater and an optional water heater, workers won’t have to worry about getting too cold and not having anywhere to go to get warm.


The TuffHut Wash Station is fully insulated, keeping the cold out and the warm in. It has a 35 gallon reservoir which allows for 440 washes and the water tanks are extremely easy to fill and empty (for grey water). There is a gravity fed faucet and shore power with a breaker panel and 15 amp fuses (optional).


The extremely durable steel and aluminum structure has forklift slots for easy transportation to get it from place to place when changing sites. There is also interior lighting and 110 power sockets for easy connection. It is powder coated to resist wear and tear and custom colors and branding are available. This is the perfect wash station for construction sites in colder areas.

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