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The fully equipped SiteWash Hut is a great option for smaller construction sites as it can fit 1-2 people at a time. It even includes soap and hand towel dispensers for convenience. This durable, yet small hut is a great addition to any small construction site for peace of mind about the health and sanitation of the site and the workers.


When looking for a portable hand wash station, consider the SiteWash Hut if you work on shorter, smaller projects. A nice shield from the cold weather and a place to wash up can certainly make a huge difference in a job site.


DIMENSIONS: 48"(W) x 48"(D) x 96"(H)



  • Winterproof

  • Fully insulated 4'x4' hut,

  • Steel skid with forklift slots.

  • 15 gallon water reservoirs,

  • Ambient heater,

  • Interior light

  • Spring loaded door

  • 14 Ga Stainless Steel sink for durability 

  • Easy-Fill water reservoir

  • Easy-empty grey water tank

  • Optional hose hookup to eliminate running out of water 

  • 110V Instant water heater

  • Power sockets for water heater and ambient heater

  • Hand towel and soap dispensers


So what makes this site wash hut so special?

Health and safety are two extremely important focuses when working on a construction site. Construction work can be messy and the importance of a sanitary workplace is extremely high. It is important to have a hand washing site where workers can go to wash up and also escape the cold during the winter.


The SiteWash Hut is a completely winterproof hand wash station that is completely insulated to keep the cold outside and the warm inside. It is 4’x4’ and the optimal space for a person to go wash up and get warm. Equipped with steel skid forklift slots, it is easily transported from site to site, making it perfect for construction.


What’s more?

It has a 15 gallon reservoir and an ambient heater, along with interior lighting making it the perfect place for construction workers to go and take a break. It is imperative to have a spot for workers to wash up and warm up, so putting those together seems logical. It also has a spring loaded door to ensure that it closes after a person enters or leaves, keeping the warm air in.


The sink is made of 14ga stainless steel for durability. There is an easy fill water reservoir as well as an optional hose hook up to eliminate running out of water. It also comes equipped with a 110V instant water heater and power sockets for the water heater and ambient heater.

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